What does work look like for you in The Age of Longevity?

For those of us born in the West today, living to 100 will be the norm not the exception — how does this affect our relationship to work?

Photo by Jefferson Lucena

“If we operate with a belief in long sweeps of time, we build cathedrals. If we operate from fiscal quarter to quarter, we build ugly shopping malls.” Stephen Nachmanovitch

Education > Work > Retirement

Illustration by the wonderful Ayse Birsel

A fundamental redesign of life

The growing importance of intangible assets

🎓 Productive assets e.g learning

📈 Vitality assets e.g wellbeing

🌍 Transformational assets e.g community

Wall of participants at Happy Startup Summercamp

Witnessing this at first hand

What this might mean for you

💰 Money

⏳ Time

© Susan Pinker

🤝 Relationships

Question cards from our 20/20 Vision program

Some questions to ask yourself

1. What would your 70, 80 or 100-year old self think of you now?

2. What is the point of work, for you?

3. How can you sustain yourself?

4. What learning and growth opportunities excite you?

5. And the biggest question of all…who are you?

“Work is love made visible.” Khalil Gibran

Life is short. Or is it?

🚀 Craft a new story for you and your work on 20/20 Vision



Designer, coach, entrepreneur. Co-founder The Happy Startup School.

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